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COVID-19: Funding for political activism

Let’s fight for our rights!

The situation with COVID-19 is related to restrictive measurements and limits political actions to a minimum. This motivated the ÖH akbild team to organize the financial support of political actions, which are even more important now.

We have a pot of 5.000 Euro dedicated to political projects.

Applications can be sent to

What can be funded?

The content of the actions must be related to the current political situation, which require urgent political reactions. They should be directed to a general public.

Projects that go against the following political alignment cannot be funded: anti-racist, class-struggle-oriented, anti-discriminatory, queer feminist and environmental issues.

What can be refunded?

Printing costs, toner, paper, stickers, banners & materials, transport (car and fuel), licenses for homepages and servers.

​How to refund?

We can only fund expanses with bills. Paper bills can be sent by post. They need to be enrolled. Costs therefore ​​​​​​are also being refunded by ÖH.

Additionally, paper bills need to be scanned and sent via email. Digital bills can be sent via e-mail. ​

Here you find infos on how to refund your project costs.

Decision making process

There is a group within ÖH akbild that decides upon the funding of specific projects.


It’s necessary to bring in a digital documentation of the funded actions.