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Our work as students representatives mostly takes place in the work we do on connecting the students, and bridging from the students to the institute.

Transparency and the flow of information are a central point we are actively working on, hoping for more say in decisions and more self determination. We organise meetings with the institute on a regular basis, as well as student meetings. These formats are used to exchange knowledge, information, questions and problems from the institute to the students and the other way around.

We are a point of contact for students with questions, either specific ones on exams or the big ones, as what are the possibilities when it comes to financial support. Additionally, we support a development of infrastructure reacting to the students needs in situations where the institution steps back. Enjoy your coffee at our kitchen, listen to some music there, get some materials for free from our common storage, and borrow our bike trailer.

Unsere Arbeit als Studierendenvertreterinnen findet hauptsächlich an zwei Orten statt: der Studierendenvernetzung und als Brücke zwischen den Studierenden und dem Institut.

Transparenz und das Weitergeben von Information ist ein zentrales Anliegen, wir sprechen regelmäßig mit der Institutsleitung und anderen Lehrenden, organisieren Treffen unter den Studierenden und kommunizieren Ansichten und Wissen dadurch von den Studierenden zum Institut und visa-versa. Mehr Mitspracherecht und Selbstbestimmung sind Anliegen, an denen wir ständig arbeiten.

Wir bieten eine Anlaufstelle, wenn Fragen auftreten die bestimmte Lehrveranstaltungen betreffen, und leiten gegebenenfalls weiter. Betreffend die Infrastruktur bemühen wir uns, dort einzusteigen wo das Institut ausfällt: zusätzliche Regale als gemeinschaftliches Materiallager, Fahrradanhänger und eine selbstgebaute Küche.

blank – publication, organised by students of the IKA

blank is a publication, organised by students of the IKA – the institute for Art and Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, who feel the need for a blank space for everyone to express their ideas. blank arose out of the need to make our voices heard, to provide materiality to convey our thoughts to a wider public and other students. We see it as a free space,… Read More »blank – publication, organised by students of the IKA

Collective Reading on the topic “Focus on Nature”, 16th of April, 14:00

In line with the topic “Focus on Nature” in the program of the Academy’s Exhibition Space in Eschenbachgasse, the Viennese collective adO/Aptive ( together with Carla Veltman, will host three sessions of collective readings that can be joined online and visited independently of each other. All texts are in English and will be read together, no preparation or previous knowledge is necessary. Poems, landscape descriptions, manifestos, and critical essays will be… Read More »Collective Reading on the topic “Focus on Nature”, 16th of April, 14:00