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Dedlajn Patriarchátu!

Let’s take the streets over and fill them with the voices of people who are usually not heard. Let’s take back theInternational Women´s Day and celebrate it in the spirit of the queerfeminist, not the patriarchal tradition. We demand equality, not empty gestures and carnations!

Together we will celebrate what we have achieved and empower each other in our everyday fights both in our private and public lives. We live in a patriarchal and capitalist society that values profit, stimulates competition and strives for endless growth. The targeted groups of exploitation and oppression are mainly women, queer people, Roma women, and people on the periphery of society, people in the global South, Black, Indigenous,  and People of Color as well as the non-human world. In the world of the cisgender heterosexual white man, they are left on the sidelines. What needs to be put into the center of society is care. It has to be shared, visible  and accessible to all. For those who carry it out as part of their profession or as a second unpaid shift (caring for children, families, communities and society as a whole), we demand fair working conditions and dignified treatment in private sphere. At the same time, let us look to the future and create an egalitarian eco- and queerfeminist society.

This year’s International Women’s Day will be about care. Join us, together we are louder!

We will also commemorate the queerfeminist, activist, researcher and author Paula Jojárt, who died on 27 January.