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Doctorate Programs GUIDLINES 2022

The student representatives of doctoral studies are responsible for enrolled Ph.D. Students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (all four doctoral study programs), as well as prospective students (before enrollment).

Below we gathered the necessary information for your study, in the form of a guideline. This is structured according to the stages of your Ph.D. If you have specific questions after going through the guidelines, we are happy to support you with personal counseling.

We are offering support for any sort of issues within your doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to be part of the student representatives and work alongside us.

For already registered Ph.D. students, we emphasize checking your student e-mail (r0000000@ account regularly. That’s where all the necessary information for your studies from the side of the institution will be shared. It is also the e-mail list we are using to communicate with you. As student representatives, we organize activities, workshops, and meet-ups with the students, so stay tuned!

read the updated Guideline here!