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Statement on the War in Ukraine

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is deeply shocked by the war of aggression in Ukraine that has been launched by the Russian military in recent days. We are very concerned about the aggressive expansionist rhetoric used by Wladimir Putin, which contains numerous threats to democratic societies. Regarding our colleagues in Ukraine and Russia, we express our support for those individuals and civil society institutions that oppose the war.

The Academy stands for lively political discourse, democracy, tolerance, freedom and cultural diversity as well as for peaceful coexistence. We bring together people from numerous countries with different political experiences in artistic work, research and teaching. Such work of differentiation is particularly important in times of war and threatening militarisation. We strictly oppose any nationalist division this war may bring to society. Our solidarity goes out to the entire civilian population in the war zones.

Senate, Rectorate and Student’s Union of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

We particularly address all affected students, to whom we offer help in administrative matters with psychosocial support and, where possible, also financially. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need administrative or financial support. We would particularly like to draw your attention to the Academy’s Temporary Financial Aid. You can find this and other offers of help here:

Being in danger or worrying yourself is an extreme psychological burden. We would therefore like to point out the possibility of our free psychosocial counselling to all people who are suffering from particular stress due to the current situation.  You can reach the counselling service as follows: Elisabeth Höchtl-Wallner at +43 664 80887-1106 and Alexander Parte at +43 664 80887-1107