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Online lecture “On the Crisis of Care, 10th of February 2021, 8 pm

Representations of motherhood have always been latently politicized. Even idyllic pictures of mothers painted by Renoir, for example, have an agenda. Art can often be a litmus test for social change and women artists can best demonstrate this change. However, it can be tricky combining being an artist and being a mother, especially when these two roles are often seen as opposed. Although there seems to be no contradiction for male artists between parenthood and artistic practice, this contradiction is often highlighted as a hard choice for a female artist. The tensions between these roles are specific to different times and places. During this lecture, I will talk about female artists and explore the topic of motherhood using the material I study and work with—the art of Eastern Europe and Russia.
Marina Vinnik:
Born in 1984. Kemerovo, Russia. Studied documentary filmmaking in 2006 – 2011 VGIK (The Russian State University of Cinematography).
Co-initiator and co-organizer of projects “Kitchen” 2014 and “A-Art, F-Feminism” 2015. Moved to Germany in 2016 to be a part of Meister-program in the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, class of Alba D’Urbano. Organized the conference in MOMMA Moscow “Feminism in Russia in the 2000-s” 2017. Curated the exhibition “Rabotnitsa 2.0” (A female worker 2.0) in Moscow. Since 2018 working on PhD thesis “Woman as artist in Russia in 20th and 21st centuries” at the University of Leipzig, adviser professor Dr. Dr. Tanja Zimmermann.
Main focus: visual arts, feminist critique of art, feminist epistemology, feminist activism, Russia, post-soviet space.
Organized by I KNOW I CARE and Student Union of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna(ÖH) within the framework of “I KNOW I CARE … ON SELF-CARE AND RESISTANCE” exhibition in VBKÖ, we present an online-lecture by Marina Vinnik.
We invite you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Marina Vinnik // On the crisis of care: visual representations of motherhood and care work in the projects of Eastern European women artists
Time: Feb 10, 2021 08:00 PM Vienna
Meeting ID: 951 3712 1010