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Steps of Convivir

This is an invitation to a series of walks, called „steps of convivir“.

In this walks there will be possibility to explore city scape, though already known, hopefully adding some different views. We will have some closer looks at surrounding- maybe follow the rhythm of traffic lights pretending to watch an organism, maybe observing the still sleepy green grass beings growing next to the streets and being reminded: there is more rhythms than the human. Then, by upraising of spring and summer, the walks will shift into exploring the „eatable city“. We will collect fruits and plants from obvious but mostly ignored „gardens“, maybe exchange recipes and have some picknick!

The walks will somehow be connected with each other, though, each one will be announced and can be joined separately.

*** invitation to 1st steps of convivir ***

sunday, 31st of january _ 15h @ Punschhütte (in front of Alte WU)

Every body will have a small audioguided walk on his_her* own, a journey „alone“- but is it? Accompanied by a voice, a sound, at least. Afterwards we will meet and to have some warm drink and exchange if one feels like.

-> Please register soon (until 29th of january), so that enough warm drinks can be prepared:

All best and looking forward,