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Wahlwexel – it’s election time in Vienna and every 3rd citizen is not allowed to vote

Did you know that in Austria 1.4 million people are not allowed to vote? And that in Vienna, every third resident is excluded from the upcoming election in October 2020?

Why? Well, voting rights are linked to the Austrian citizenship and without it you can’t vote: In Vienna are more than 482.000 inhabitants who are not represented in the elections.

Why does this affect us all? 72 % of the inhabitants of Vienna live here longer than 5 years. They belong to the younger section of society, that are from working class districts, many are born in Austria. The Austrian electorate is losing its democratic legitimization, because it is not representative of the population in numbers, age, and income.

WAHLWEXEL opens a space to face these contradictions of democracy, and to make the wrongs rights. We invite everybody to sign our petition (

And if you can ask at least 5 friends that they sign that would be great.

We need a LOT of signatures to be taken seriously by the Nationalrat and I am guessing it will have to be more than the current 500 signatures we have.

For more information:

Hey! Wir sammeln Unterschriften, damit die halbe Million Nichtwählberechtigte in Wien das Wahlrecht erhalten.

Bitte unterschreib hier:

Und wenn du mehrere Freunde bitten könntest, dass sie unterschreiben, wäre das großartig.

Wir brauchen eine MENGE von Unterschriften, um vom Nationalrat ernst genommen zu werden, und ich schätze, dass es mehr als die 500 Unterschriften sein müssen, die wir derzeit haben.

Für mehr Infos: