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Open Call: Contributions for Zine Corona – Time of My Life

Dear colleagues,

we are inspired to share a new open call with you. ÖH-team is planning to issue a zine dedicated to art. The idea came to us in and after corona times. It gave us a new perspective: how to be together staying distant and question how close we are to each other, how valuable things we are doing daily, what is necessary, and what is not.

We see the zine as a way to bring ideas together, to tighten our circles, to get to know each other, and probably to find common ground for any kind of artistic collaboration.

While thinking about a possible moto for it, we thought about a phenomenon of ‘black swans,’ paradoxes, and absurd we are often living in. So, why not reflect on “Corona is the best time of my life”? In any kind of media.

We expect to get any type of creative works that could be folded into zine format. Firstly, we plan to make it online. Our bigger idea is to make it regular and printed, spread the world, and talk about art, our lives, concerns, and challenges.

Every contributor we decide to include in the upcoming issue will get a symbolic honorary of 30 euro.

We are welcome texts (fiction/non-fiction), photographs, paintings, drawings, documentation of your works, sketches on the napkins, lettering on the asphalt, recordings of drunk talks, heartbeats transformed into aquarelle like brush strokes (underline needed).

Please submit your contributions until 23.08.2020 to with  “ZINE” in the subject line.

Any questions? Just Don’t hesitate to contact us!