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The student representatives of doctoral studies are responsible for enrolled Ph.D. Students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (all four doctoral study programs) and prospective students (before enrollment).

Below we gathered the necessary information for your study in a guideline. This is structured according to the stages of your Ph.D. After going through the procedures, we are happy to support you with personal counseling if you have specific questions.

We offer support for any issues within your doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to be part of the student representatives and work alongside us.

For already registered Ph.D. students, we emphasize checking your student E-mail (r0000000@ account regularly. All the necessary information for your studies from the institution’s side will be shared. It is also the e-mail list we are using to communicate with you. In addition, as student representatives, we organize activities, workshops, and meet-ups with the students, so stay tuned!


Finals Academy (Master, PhD) database | Abschlussarbeiten Datenbank

Research Newsletter Academy | Forschungsnewsletter Akademie


Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung

Doktoratstudien Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien


before applying for a doctoral program

  1. get accustomed to the doctoral programs offered by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Doctor of Philosophy/Ph.D.

Doctor of Technical Sciences

Doctor of Science


2. Read the Curriculum

Check the Curriculum listed for the doctoral program you wish to pursue (links above). This will give you all the information on the structure of the study, the requirements, and the time frame. As it is a binding legal document, the curriculum is only in the  German language, but you can ask for translation if needed.

3. Finding a supervisor

Although one can register without having a confirmed Ph.D. supervisor, we encourage you to contact prospective supervisors beforehand. You can find a current list of available supervisors here:

You can also check current research Ph.D. projects at the academy here to understand which supervisor would be best for your research topic. Finding a supervisor is a crucial step for your doctorate. Therefore we encourage you to allocate enough time for this and start the process as soon as possible.

4. Start to research funding possibilities for your research.

Many scholarships for doctoral studies have time limits. Depending on your inscription date or finalization of your previous studies, it is recommended to research possible funding(s) before inscribing to the study program. Try to plan where you can apply your research and when. This will make the process of your Ph.D. easier and will increase your chances of finding and receiving funding.

Check the section on Fundings below.

5. FAQ General questions about doctoral/Ph.D. studies

6. Beginning of the doctorate/PhD

7. Doctoral handbook

For valuable resources, check the doctoral handbook put together by the Doctorate Center :


You have your research topic, you decided to study at the academy, and have already gotten familiar with the curriculum of your chosen doctorate program, possible supervisor(s), and funding possibilities? Great! Now you can register for the study.

Deadlines: The most important thing to keep in mind here (stated in the curriculum) is that in a maximum of one academic year after you register, you have to submit your “Dissertationsvereinbarung” “Dissertation agreement” (signed by your supervisor) together with your Expose. Missing this deadline will have negative repercussions regarding your eligibility for the funding possibilities offered by the Academy (which does not apply to funding provided by the doctoral center). However, you can extend this deadline by another year by sending in a request (contact the doctoral center for guidance in this process).

Important: check the expose handing in or expose extensions deadline here.

Ph.D. Programs:

“The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers four doctoral programs (Dr. Phil., Dr. techn., Dr. rer. nat., Ph.D. in Practice). The first three (the philosophical doctorate, the technical doctorate in Architecture, and the scientific doctorate) can be enrolled without any admission exam; in this case, one has to hand in an accepted Ph.D. proposal) although applicants need to fulfill specific admission criteria. These may vary according to the doctoral program chosen. Please find out the exact admission criteria by clicking on this link – especially the study plans listed on this site.

There is an admission examination for the PhD-in-Practice Program, which combines arts-based research Ph.D. projects at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Please find more detailed information on this program and the application procedure in the FAQs on the PhD-in-Practice homepage.

As a doctoral candidate enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, you are entitled to study according to the curriculum selected. Still, you are not entitled to any financial support (scholarships or grants).” source.

Therefore we emphasize researching funding possibilities as soon as possible.

FAQs doctoral studies


at the Registrar’s Office

“Please find any information on admission and enrolment and the documents required here. The respective deadlines for admission (so-called Continuing Registration) are provided on the following homepage.” source

öh link to this topic

if you have a problem or difficulties with your visa or financing your visa, contact the ÖH.

Öh contact person: oehsozialreferat(at)

or Telefon/WhatsApp**:**  +43 667 771 00 55

Information on Social-referat:

    • study fee – exemption if the paper for asylum seeker is approved and provided (recognized asylum seeker in Austria.)
    • enrolment:


Students’ Union:

Julia Preisker, MA BA Coordinator of the Center for Doctoral Studies

Univ.Prof. Mag. DI Wolfgang Baatz (conservation/restoration only)

Register Office: BA. Alexander Meitz, Doctorates, Acknowledgements

Beginning the ph.D.- your first year at the academy after inscribing!

For the writing of the Expose, you can find guidelines, as well as workshops (check the following section for more information)

If you don’t submit your Dissertationsvereinbarung in the first year of your study (pay attention; it refers to the academic year, so two semesters), and you don’t have an approved prolongation of the deadline, you don’t qualify for the social scholarship, for the Lektor_innenprogramm, nor the last stage of Ph.D. scholarship. However, if you submit at a later date, you are still eligible for the funding offered by the doctoral center (short research scholarship abroad, travel costs for conferences, etc.)

When working on the expose for the academy of fine arts, remember that most fundings require an Expose, but this will be a different document than the one you submitted to the Academy.

Get on newsletters (akbild research newsletter) and the newsletters of the funding possibilities you want to apply to.

Meet your peers! (We, the student representatives of ÖH Doc, organize networking events, and so does the doctorate center, which has a welcoming session at the beginning of each semester, that is thought especially for new students to connect.)

Writing your Dissertation

Congratulations, you have your Dissertationsverinbarung approved; now you can start actually writing the dissertation. Writer’s block? Don’t worry; we gathered a list of resources you can use.

Tipps: from the classes, you can choose  ECTS (that you need to list in the Dissertationsvereinbarung/ dissertation-agreement). For example:

Take part in workshops:

    • workshops offered by the ÖH Doc.

Follow the mailing list for updates

The doctorate center organizes practical workshops for Ph.D. Students. In addition, there are usually a few workshops per year, announced a month in advance. Registration for these workshops is necessary, and one receives a certificate of participation afterward. Find the activities of the doctorate center here.

Expand the collection of your resources

Use this possibility to access library resources.

Follow the steps described on their website. For assistance, also use the email contact they provide.

The co-registration also offers the possibility to enroll in the workshops offered by the doktoratszentrum. Naturally,  priority will be given to the uni when students, but most workshops have more than one date, so it is possible to participate if you pursue it.

    • Doctoral center of Tanz Quartier Vienna

For research topics connected to performance, body, corporeality, but not only, but Tanz Quartier Wien also has a networking and exchange platform for doctoral students, TQW DOC


make use of the scholarships offered by the academy to help your research, such as:

-for the scholarships offered by the academy, the deadline of the diss. verinbarung has to be kept (or officially prolonged)

Completing your Dissertation

The last stage of your doctorate is critical and requires lots of attention to detail. After writing your text, there is still a lot to do to finish your thesis. Note here the academy offers a scholarship for this exact stage of your study:

Check all the formalities you need to fulfill in advance: read from Preparation for the Admission for Approbation of the Dissertation onwards

Don’t forget to pay attention to the courses listed in your Dissertationsvereinbarung. Also, make sure you have the certificates for the courses issued.

Plan and invest time in choosing external appraisals together with your Supervisor. You can, but you don’t need to contact the nominated persons in advance.

If you write in another language than your native language, have your thesis proofread by a native speaker!

Do a plagiarism checkup offered by the doctorate center! You will get a report immediately.

Check the curriculum version listed on your student files (this could have changed during your studies to a newer version with other facilities). If you wish to update to a newer version, get in touch with the Studienabteilung (contact person Alexander Meitz)


“The following databases and links can help you:

Information provided by:

After you have done your research on funding possibilities, you can also consult with the doctoral center to be sure you checked all the possibilities. Find an overview of the doctorate center here


ÖH Dok: This is what we have achieved for you!

The first year – a new start After several years of inactivity the Doctoral Students have for once again a representation in the Student Union. An energetic start with a bunch of very motivated people paved the way for a year of intense exchanges, open meetings, workshops and representations in Sitzungen. From the beginning we laid a focus on exchanging with the students that we represent. We wanted to get to know the challenges, needs, desires and wishes students face. For this we arrange online… 

Support for Students and Researchers fleeing the War for study and work space possibilities!

Stressing on education, knowledge  exchange, and against all forms of violence: “The doctorate students’ representative encourages all students fleeing the current war(s) to be in contact to look together for information and support regarding possibilities for continuing their research and studies. please contact:   The Student of the scenography program offers Studios and workplaces for students, artists, and researchers who fled the war. They are welcome at _(Semperdepot 3rd floor) where: an « open workplace »: common tables where these students can come during… 

Doctorate Programs GUIDLINES 2022

The student representatives of doctoral studies are responsible for enrolled Ph.D. Students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (all four doctoral study programs), as well as prospective students (before enrollment). Below we gathered the necessary information for your study, in the form of a guideline. This is structured according to the stages of your Ph.D. If you have specific questions after going through the guidelines, we are happy to support you with personal counseling. We are offering support for any sort of issues within… 

Establishing Thoughts – Conferences

ESTABLISHING THOUGHTS, 7th November, 7pm, M20 (Academy) (1) Anthony Clair Wagner “(Un)Be(Com)ing Others: A Trans* Film Criticism of the Alien Quadrilogy Movies“ Anthony Clair Wagner is a Doctoral Student (Dr. phil.) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Un)Be(Com)ing Others: A Trans* Film Criticism of the Alien Quadrilogy Movies combines transgender and monster studies to bring, what I call, trans* film criticism to mainstream film.[1] Trans* criticism is concerned with issues of embodiment, transgression, and transformation. In order to identify the range of dehumanized and thereby monsterized bodies in film,… 

[Graduates’ Conference “Prologue”]

1) “Agenda” Friday, 13th June (Keiko: time keeper) 11:00 -12:00; welcome, brunch 12:00 – open end; 10-minutes presentations and discussions afterwards: beer and cocktail somewhere in the city location Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3, attic* * leaving the lift: take corridor to your left side, room is at the end of the corridor 2) Presentations Berenice Pahl | Horizontaler Humor. Eine neue Humortheorie in Interaktion mit einer Geschichte der Performativität von Komik und Lachen aus künstlerisch-feministischer Perspektive.  Nuşin Arslan | Da und fort: die Zentralperspektive. Türkische Malerei konnte Monarchien auslöschen. Und Türkische Malerinnen?… 

Graduiertenkonferenz | Graduates’ Conference

GRADUIERTENKONFERENZ 2014 Mo 16. Juni 2014; 9.30 – 17.00 Uhr Im Rahmen der Graduiertenkonferenz der Akademie präsentieren und diskutieren Dissertant_innen Ergebnisse oder einen Teilaspekt ihrer Dissertation. Die Moderationen übernehmen Betreuer_innen aus entfernten, wenngleich verwandten disziplinären Umfeldern. Ziel der Graduiertenkonferenz ist neben der Sichtbarmachung der Forschungsergebnisse der Dissertant_innen bzw. PhD-in-practice-Kandidat_innen der Austausch zwischen allen Disziplinen und Fachbereichen der Akademie. Programm: 9.30 Opening Eva Blimlinger, Rektorin der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien 9.45 Einführung Veronika Schwediauer, Koordinatorin des Doktoratszentrums 10.00 Christian Bazant-Hegemark Visuelle Kompetenz: Kanonisierungsdynamiken und Big Data 11.00 Katharina Hausladen… 


[PHD-PROJECT FUND | DOK-PROJEKTFÖRDERUNG] ÖH Dok – Förderung studentischer Initiativen und Netzwerkprojekte 2018 Aufruf zur Einreichung Dissertant_innen und Student_innen des ‚PhD in Practice‘ sind eingeladen ihre Projekte und Initiativen bis zum 29. Mai 2018 einzureichen. Ziel der Förderung ist es Kooperationen zwischen Dok Student_innen der Akademie sowie die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Institutionen zu unterstützen. Gefördert werden ausschließlich Projekte, an denen mindestens drei Studierende teilhaben. Oder Projekte, bei denen eine Vernetzung von Dok Studierenden der Akademie mit anderen Institutionen, Kollektiven oder Gruppen (mindestens eine weitere Gruppen)…