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Electric cargo-bike

You can borrow this only if you have a valid driving license. The Tuk Tuk can not be booked via the booking System. Please get in touch with us for booking via emai: oehinfraref@akbild.ac.at

TUK TUK Operation Notes

Please read carefully before use!!

Legal Notes:

The TukTuk has a 500w motor. According to the new Austrian law, you can only use the vehicle if you have at least a class AM driving license and an insurance license plate is attached.  Helmets have also been required for these e-bikes since 2013.


Please make sure that you take the charger with you in the TukTuk. The charger and a long power cable are located under the seat. It has already happened that the TukTuk’s battery ran flat and the TukTuk got stranded somewhere and was towed away because of illegal parking. So if the vehicle stops working make sure to park it properly in a normal car parking space or somewhere else and find a way to charge it. We have a mobile power bank that can charge the battery to get it back. Mind the short parking zones! You are responsible for returning the vehicle on time. Everything that happens during your loan period is your responsibility. If the vehicle is towed due to illegal parking, you must ensure that the vehicle is returned to the Schillerplatz location and cover the costs. Please get in touch with us immediately if anything like this happens or in case of an accident via email: oehinfraref@akbild.ac.at

If you notice any damage to the vehicle, please report it to us. This is the only way we can take care of maintenance.

After returning the vehicle to Schillerplatz please make sure to plug the charger so the next one finds a charged vehicle. 

If you have any questions please get in touch with us.  Drive Safe!

Yours, OEH – Team

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