COVID-19 Fund by KSVF (artist insurance) / COVID-19 Fonds des KSVF

COVID-19 Fund by KSVF (artist insurance) / COVID-19 Fonds des KSVF

Für Informationen auf Deutsch siehe die Website des KSVF oder  der IG Kultur

Artists and art mediators  can due to COVID-19 apply for a support by the KSVF (Künstler_innen-Sozialversicherungsfonds) if the following applies to them:

  • you cannot supported by the hardship fund of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce
  • you have your main registration in Austria
  • you are in economic terms significantly hit by COVID-19, that means you can no longer cover your running costs
  • you are not applicable for benefits by any insurance to cover for the implications due to COVID-19
  • you have not already received other funding by KSVF

Furthermore you income has to be lower than 51.552 Euro. In case you don’t have a income tax declaration (yet), you have to estimate your income on a yearly basis. If your income is lower than Euro you will get 500 Euro. The maximum amount funded is 1.000 Euro.

For further information check the webpage of IG Kultur or the respective webpage of KSVF.

In case you have difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact our Office for Social Politics.