WORKSHOP: Perspectives in Cognitive Neuroaesthetics / Tue, 6.11. 16:00

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Žarko Aleksić
Perspectives in Neuroaesthetics

Perspectives in Neuroaesthetics was the title of the Summer School organized by The Vienna Doctoral School in Cognition, Behaviour and Neuroscience in cooperation with several different institution like UCL, Goldsmith, School of Advanced Study from the London University where we discussed hot topics from the field.

The goal of this workshop is to try to establish connection of contemporary artistic practices with the knowledge produced in cognitive neuroscience especially related to the neuroaesthetics. Collaboration between humanities and hard sciences  is necessary and art can be the locus of that meeting.

In the first part of the lecture, I will talk more about the emergence of the field and after about some recent issues and difficulties.

Tuesday, 6.11., 16:00 at Kurzbauergasse, Projectroom 1