Doc/phD- News & meeting 17.12 / 5pm / room 209


BETREFF: Doc/phD-meeting 17.12 / 5pm / room 209


*Tuesday, December 17th, 5pm, room 209

*January 7th

Dear fellow phDs (= phD-inpractice, DoktorandInnen phil&tech&rer.nat) of the Academy of fine arts,

Read below

1)the Protocol of the first phd/Doc-JOUR FIXE

2)some news we gathered so far for our proteject to be: an open format conference

3)the next meeting on tuesday, 17.12., 5pm, room 209, there will be a main focus on the open format conference

4)Links to Lectures from the IFK, Call for papers

PROTOCOL of the first phd/Doc-JOUR FIXE (3.12.2013)

Aim of this first meeting was

– getting to know each other, bringing together phds-inpractice and Doktorand_innen (Architektur, Philosophie, Restauration), the phd student representatives (Christian, Olivia, Waltraud) & connecting (putting together a phd/Doc-Mailinglist;

– talking about the current situation (difficulty of connecting, budget, Freitagsraum, wishes, complaints, what is missing);

CONCLUSIO of the first Jour Fix and how to go on

– we need a permanent room to meet.

– we want to have about 2 grand phd/Doc-JOUR FIXE each term, like this one, where we have the chance to getting to know each other, talk about the current situation and do some brainstorming about if/what we want to put together

– having specialised group-meetings more often;

– as the “Graduiertenkonferenz” in January is coming closer, during the discussion an idea developed about contributing some kind of open format conference + maybe a publication afterwards; there happened already some brainstorming continuing later on via mail (especially for this a rise up list was created > if you are interested get in touch with us!); Nikolaus offered to be man in charge for the organisation;

> so this is what the next meeting will concentrate on!

open format conference“ / some news we gathered so far:


According to Mag. Sabine Dortschy we don´t have to pay any rent when we make use of the rooms in the Academy.

Depending on your contributions we may need other rooms which might meet different needs of various approaches (for performances, exhibitions, installations, etc.). The rooms in Moe would cost €250 per day, including the hall €650 per day. Since Christian is part of the Moe committee we might get it cheaper.

Additionally we could use M20 und M13A.


Mag. Claudia Kaiser wants the newsletter mailed to her so that she can have a look at it before we use it officially. It should have the Academy-logo on it. We should have clear image permissions. Then, with her admission, the text can be used for IKK Homepage and a buzz phrase can be used for the Academy Events Calender.

Newsletter files should be pdf or jpg.

The text fort the Website should be formatted as a Word Document. The Picture as jpg.

According to Dunja Reitner (IKK, Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies) poster can be printed up to the size of A3 right in the IKK (1st floor).


Beamer and other equipment can be borrowed by Rezai Kaveh (IKK) (Beamer, maybe Extension cables, no Notebooks) and by Martina Schandl (Building Technology Office) (Beamer, Extension cables, probably other equipment too).


Has to be discussed with Vice Rector for Art and Research Andrea Braidt. We will meet her together with Mag. Michaela Glanz on 18.12 at9 am.


Since the publication will be a matter after the conference other issues like the public relation measures are prior ranking. Claudia Kaiser offered to do a press release as soon as everything is in order and permitted by her. We have to have a time shedule, a profile, a date, a newsletter, etc.

MEETING “open format conference“ : Tuesday, December 17th, 5pm, room 209

– Wali will talk shortly about some ÖH issues

– Nikolaus will give a short update and answer questions

– riseuplist

– Date & Deadlines (first idea was to have it as a second part of the Graduiertenkonferenz, right on the next day, but this is too short notice; so we have to decide on a date!)


– Brainstorming about formats: “Summit“ & breakfast

– building Working Groups (Programm, Text/Newsletter, Poster/Flyer, etc)

if you can’t attend the meeting and still want to contribute your ideas please feel free to send us as e-mail

including full name, title, short description (3-5sentences)


Links to Lectures from the IFK (in GERMAN)

Das Evidenz-Bild: Nationalsozialismus in Österreich
16. Dezember 2013, 18 Uhr c. t. am IFK (Eintritt frei)

Call for papers

The “European Scientific Journal(ESJ) is a double-blind peer reviewed journal which accepts high quality research articles. The journal is issued monthly and is available to all researchers who are interested in publishing their scientific achievements. „ESJ“ October edition vol.9, No.28, 29 and 30 For any other information please send us e-mail on:

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at the Doc/ph.D. Students Meeting in room 209 on 17.12 at 5pm.

New members are very welcome!

Olivia, Wali, Christian, Niki

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