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Our department takes care of all events organized by OH and offers help for all students who do stuff. We will support specifically with infrastructure. For demonstration, events, parties, and all kinds of things that are also in alignment with the values of the student union of the academy of fine arts Vienna.

We take care of the stuff that the student union can provide equipment related. Also, digital resources are part of what we take care of. We are also connecting to other groups that work with infrastructure as well as space and other resource related stuff.

We are happy to advise and support you in your ideas and projects and look forward to your ideas and suggestions regarding OH events that you would like to share with us!

Our areas of responsibility include maintaining and lending out equipment, getting new equipment, conception of ÖH events, conception and implementation of cooperation agreements with cultural institutions with the aim of making it easier for university students to access cultural events and resources, participation in thematic events and advanced training courses at the academy as well as writing articles for the OH media/share with all students, implementation of measures to improve the student infrastructure.

Equipment list

[The deposit is 50EUR and will be refunded if the equipment is returned undamaged. There is a rental fee following an agreement if the equipments is used for a commercial event with entrance fees. If the equipment is used for a non-commercial event based on free donation, we would also like to get free donation for the rental.]

1 beamer (acer)
1 beamer (benq)
2 media player
2 induction cooking plates
1 cooking pot L
1 cooking pot XL
1 cooking pot XXL
1 Subwoofer + Sateliteboxen
1 Aktive Monitor box
2 Turntables (TechnicsSL-1210)
1 double CD player
1 DJ mixer (Pioneer DJM-600)
1 HK Lucas nano 600
2 micro stands
2 box stands