Open Call for presentations: ESTABLISHING THOUGHTS

Open Call for presentations: ESTABLISHING THOUGHTS

Open Call for all Doktorats- & PhD-in-Practice students of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna & the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.




is a monthly discourse format happening at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna to offer Doktorats- & PhD-in-Practice students an interdisciplinary, academic platform to present, discuss and diagnose their theses.

The format is organized and curated by the students themselves, together with their representatives, aiming to establish a local hot spot for emerging academic research and collaboration. Based on general open calls there will be, each month, two at most hourlong presentations, with subsequent time for open discussions.

The format is a collegiate initiative, complementary to the Academy’s already established efforts (Center for Doctoral Studies, Graduiertenkonferenz, Fantastic Wednesdays). It aims to be another step to connect Doktorats- & PhD-in-Practice students throughout the institutes of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, as well as with those of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.




Establishing Community

  • to establish a discourse format to support Doktorats- & PhD-in-Practice students in publicizing their research efforts
  • to make the PhD research visible outside of the various PhD seminars
  • to enable and consolidate interinstitutional exchange

Establishing Research

  • to support in verbalizing and presenting the individual research in an academic public (students,alumni, Doktorats- & PhD-in-Practice students, midlevel faculty and professors)
  • to gain additional presentation experience
  • to extend the academic CV
  • to get implicit peer reviews for one’s research



  • Short introduction to lecturing person and presented theme
  • 30-45min presentation, with open discussion until the end of the hour
  • There will be two lectures each evening
  • After the presentations there will be time to continue the discussion, or simply sit together to have a drink


Presentation Dates

  • Friday, 3.10.2014, 7pm
  • Friday, 7.11.2014, 7pm
  • Friday, 5.12.2014, 7pm


Deadline for submission

Please send your proposal (max 1 page) and CV (max 1 page) until: Sunday, the 21st of September 2014 to

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