womyn/lesbian/inter/trans only

Frauencafé 2nd of February 2014 – 7 p.m.
Langegasse 11 // 1080 Wien

* First Base
Megan Siler, USA 1991 13 min
A light-hearted drama focusing on the moment at which girls are still allowed to love other girls

* She’s Real Worse than Queer
Lucy Thane, USA 1997 13 min
A video-film-music documentary by and about dykes beginning to find culture/lives they can stand throught Punk Rock. Featuring Tribe 8 Fifth Column, Cunts With Attitude, Riot Girl NYC, Team Dresch, Sister George, Phranc, Free to Fight

Cinenova is a volunteer-run organisation based in London dedicated to
preserving and distributing the work of women/feminist film and video