(English) Open Call: NetzwerkProjekte2013

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The access to networks, wich are woven inside between and around (art)universities is one of the
most important things to be learned within the studies in order to pursue an artistic “carreer”. The ones
who want to be “successful” have to start participating in the closed and limited access system of the
Academy or other structures that are not open to a broader not artistic established or academic trained
public. Often this networking is limited within the individual institutions and even more inside of the

From the point of an open representative collective for and with the students of fine arts, we want to
support and enlarge networks. We want to promote and support up to 6 projects for the year 2013 with
a total sum of 5000 Euro, per project we can give a support up to 1000 Euro in a maximum.
Any concepts or projects can be sent via email in until march 17th 2013 (midnight = deadline).
We will inform you about the chosen projects until end of march.
We exclusively fund projects in which:
students of at least three different classes participate
a connection between students of the academy of fine arts vienna, other institutions, or at least two
other groups or collectives is planned.
We dont fund costs for alcohol and honoraria or purchases only in exceptional cases. The access to
the results must be open to public and participation must be free of charge. The part of the projectbudget
that is financially supported by us must be cleared until june 16th 2013 otherwise the
funding decays.
We want to promote participatory processes and like to see opportunities for participation implemented
in the projects. As we understand ourselfs as bottom up -collective we prefer self-organized groups.
Since we, as students of fine art are aware of our privileges within the Academy, we want also to give
persons and groups outside the Academy an opportunity to participate. Approaches to art and cultural
production should be opened up – joining University and the access to good education should be
possible without boundaries..
With the networking projects, a cross-sphere excange should be made possible. Therefore social and
power structures must and should be considered in the ideas and suggestions. With critcal networking
you can act against the need to comsume and economic-constraints, pressure to perform and social
exclusion. We want to oppose discriminatory conditions with networked differences. The chosen form
of expression is based on the decision of the group or person submitting. Whether theater, text, image,
a party, a product or a process itself is the goal is not primarily important for us.
Submissions to: oehbk@akbild.ac.at Please send the following information:
Project name:
Contact (e-mail, phone):
People/groups involved in the project:
Duration of the project
Short description of the project (at least 5 lines)
Objective (s) of the project
Implementation of the project
Steps / process
Schedule / Financial Plan (in case please to include information about other funding sources)
The project description should not exceed 3 pages.